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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
RAGUSIAN COG 16th c. 65cm 1:48
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RAGUSIAN COG 16th c. 65cm 1:48

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Cog is the war and merchant ship in the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, with a big lead and two small reserve masts, whose main characteristic is high and tight bow tower forward with a almost horizontal triangular deck.
One feature of this ship are the side openings for boarding horses and cattle and she is designed primarly for transporting army.
She is mentioned for the first time in the 11th century, and across the Mediterranean in the 13th century.
These ships were initially inaccessible thanks to the impregnable citadel.
Together with cogs often sailed naves, caravels and carrack.

This is a model with completely furnished interiors, store and cabins, which makes it very beautiful and interesting. The keel and the posts are made of solid walnut wood, like all the elements below the deck and the deck. The sails are embroidered on the cloth. In the box there are 9 plates laser cut. There are bars and all the necessary material. The model is designed for experienced modelers. You will really enjoy in the realization of this model.

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