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MarisStella Ltd
MarisStella Ltd was established in 2008, it is an association of 7 smaller companies. Its location is in Split, the regional capital of Dalmatia. Dalmatia is the region of Croatia that is located on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea and is rich in maritime history dating back to ancient times.

It is with these companies Maris Stella designs, manufactures and distributes its line of high quality prefabricated kits. These scale model kits are predominately of vessels from the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

Maris Stella draws its ideas for these projects from the historical, and at times turbulent, period of these areas by conducting what sometimes becomes exhaustive research. Many of these research projects date back before the Maris Stella association itself.

This association and its team of professionals strive to produce a superior high-end quality product and will readily stand behind their work. Originality, credibility and responsibility is what Maris Stella was based on and always will be its top priority.

The Maris Stella association is constantly seeking ways of improving itself and the product line that is offered, to further enhance the customer’s voyage in this rewarding hobby of model shipbuilding.

Finally, Maris Stella would like to thank the many customers from all corners of the world who purchase kits and follow the Maris Stella product line and its changes and/or additions. Maris Stella truly hopes that these many modellers/craftsmen are taking great pleasure in building Maris Stella kits.

There are prototype models built from these kits that have been painted with all colours of medals from national and international competitions, however, it is the customer that is the greatest honour.

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