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AMATI Ship Model Kits

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Fully detailed model kit of one of the most famous 74 gun Ships of the Line. The kit reproduces H.M.S. Vanguard as she was under Horatio Nelson's command at the Battle of the Nile. The kit includes the figureheads and decorations for building H.M.S. Elephant or H.M.S. Bellerophon Code: 1300/04 Scale: 1:72 Length: 117,1 cm Width: 48,6 cm Height: 89,5 cm

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Laser cut materials Double Planking Metal fittings Copper cladding Decorations Code: 1300/05 Scale: 1:64 Length: 80 cm

359,00€ 382,52$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
Laser cut materials and engraved deck planking Double planked hull Photo etched brass parts and copper plates Fittings in wood and metal True scale wooden blocks Step by step building manual and plan set Code: 1300/06 Scale: 1:64 Length: 86 cm Height: 65,4 cm

279,00€ 297,29$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
H.M.S. Fly was the fifth of twenty-five Swan Class sloops built between 1766 and 1780. Fly was commissioned by the Admiralty on the 1st of August 1775 and designed by the Williams shipyard. Her keel was laid in January 1776 at the Sheerness shipyard, and she was completed in September 1776, the month of her launch. During her career she served as an escort and dispatch vessel. She once captured a French Corsair, the Greneur, off Portland after a long chase, and in 1800 captured another, the Trompeur, at La Hague. The Swan Class sloops with their sleek lines and fine decoration, measured 97' 7" with a displacement of 300 tons. They were crewed by 125 officers and men. The model is based on the official plans and original drawings. Code: 1300/03 Scale: 1:64 Length: 80 cm

278,00€ 296,21$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
Launched on the 22nd of June 1742 to augment the fleet of bomb vessels during the war of the Austrian succession, the Granado was a vessel with exceptionally fine lines, originally intended as a Sloop with the task of policing merchant traffic off the French coast and intercepting smugglers and pirates off the east coast of Britain, she was converted into a bomb vessel in 1756. The Granado performed admirably in her new role and was victorious in several battles. She was fitted with two 13 inch mortars, 4-pounder carriage and anti-personnel swivel guns. Code: 1300/02 Scale: 1:64 Length: 80 cm

119,00€ 127,00$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
The cutter Lady Nelson is modelled on a typical British cutter of the late eighteen century. The cutter is a native British design and was originally developed by the smugglers of Folkestone and surrounding areas. It didn't take long for the Navy to appreciate the merits of the cutter's design and they were widely used from the mid-eighteenth century, precisely to counter smuggling. Code: 1300/01 Scale: 1:64 Length: 53cm

429,99€ 472,99$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
The Elizabethan Navy Royal warship Revenge was built at Deptford and launched in 1577. Revenge was a new type of warship, a ‘Race Built Galleon’. She was built following the direction of Sir John Hawkins and supervised, it is thought, by the master shipwright, Matthew Baker. Revenge was about 500 tonnes and carried a crew of around 250 men. Contrary to popular belief, the new race built galleons were not dwarfed by the Spanish galleons, but were on equal and sometimes larger size. It is very easy to see the lines of Revenge as a pre-curser to the Prince Royal of 1610, the Sovereign of the seas of 1637, even the Prince of 1670. Kit includes: 20 sheets of plans 96 pages full colour building manual with step by step instructions Laser cut plywood, hardwood and MDF Double planked hull Highly detailed photoetched brass parts Precious paper decorations Brass culverins and burnished metal casted cannons Code: 1300/08 Scale: 1:64 Length: 88,5cm Width: 38cm Height: 65,5cm

223,00€ 245,30$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
A 230 ton sailing ship, originally commissioned as a merchant vessel, in 1787 the Bounty was assigned to the Royal Navy for voyages of exploration. She became famous above all for the mutiny of her crew against her captain, William Bligh. The Bounty is one of the collection's most beautiful and detailed models. The reconstruction of this famous ship was made possible thanks to the original designs the British Admiralty still has in its archives. Code: 1432 Scale: 1:60 Length: 72cm

167,50€ 184,25$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
One of the best known names in maritime history, the Mayflower is famous for having transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth (England) to Cape Cod (Massachusetts) in 1620. During the religious oppression in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, two sects formed: the puritans and the separatists. The separatists formed the most consistent contingent on the Mayflower, which under the reign of James I set sail from Plymouth bound for America with 102 men, women and children on the 6th of September 1620. Code: 1413 Scale: 1:60 Length: 65 cm

118,20€ 130,01$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
The Polacca appeared in the Mediterranean Sea in the early XVIII century and was used either as escort, dispatch or cargo vessel. The Venetian fleet in the Adriatic employed the Polacca to protect the shipping routes of Venice from Dalmatian, Greek and Turkish pirates. Ideal for less expert model makers. Kit includes pre-cut keel, frames and decks; wooden planking; metal and wooden accessories; sails and flags; decorations and cannons. Code: 1407 Length: 45 cm

153,50€ 168,85$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
A famed lateen rigged vessel derived from the Xebec used by the Barbary coast pirates. Armed with 14 medium calibre cannons and 6 culverins for close-quarter combat, the Xebec was also used by the Spanish for coastal defence against Algerian pirates. Oars made navigation possible even in the doldrums. Code: 1427 Scale: 1:60 Length: 72 cm

429,99€ 473,00$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
Titanic (or rather RMS, since she was carrying the Royal Mail), with her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, was one of the largest transatlantic passenger liners owned by the White Star Line. Built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, she was popularly considered unsinkable. But this myth was created by the press and not by the owners (who, however, made no effort to deny the claim), and was due to the fact that the liner was capable of remaining afloat even with four watertight compartments completely flooded. Unfortunately, on the night she struck the iceberg the number of breached compartments amounted to six. She sank on her maiden voyage on the night of the 14th April 1912. The tragedy, in which 1503 of the 2200 souls aboard lost their lives (40% of first class and 70% of third class passengers), caused an enormous outcry and led to the first ever conference dedicated to maritime safety. The Titanic disaster ranks as one of the worst peacetime maritime tragedies in history, and is by far the most famous. Code: 1606 Scale: 1:250 Length: 107 cm

70,90€ 77,99$ -Bank transfer -5% discount, PayPal +5% additional charge.
Symbol of the city of Chioggia and its traditions, the bragozzo is surely the most famous fishing boat of the entire Venetian lagoon. Its rudder could be raised allowing it to navigate shallow waters. Code: 1570 Length: 45 cm
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