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HMS Speedy model ship kit

11.05.2019. | Our products

Maris Stella Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of the HMS Speedy, HMS Vensejo and HMS Sophie Brig-Sloops, in 1:48 scale, to its model ship kit line. Speedy and Vensejo have been heavily researched. HMS Sophie is our version of the fictional Brig-Sloop, representing a combination of the two, described in a novel by Patrick O´Brian. The Maris Stella kit version of HMS Speedy uses the sail plan, rigging, armament and flagging as of her original commissioning. To maximize authenticity, we have freshly designed all cannon, carronade and swivel guns for the three kits, each of the type, weight and time frame appropriate, using Armstrong and Blomefield construction formula, historical patterns and photos of antiques.

Maris Stella kits are suitable for intermediate level modelers. For those who want to go a step beyond, we are providing copper hull plates, details on period appropriate stains and paint schemes, and rigging rope diameter information. Anticipated order of release is Speedy, Vensejo and Sophie, in that order, in a time frame from 2018 through the first half of 2019.

This HMS Speedy model will be a market-class leader. Our three-dimensional modeling of the Admiralty draughts and the kit’s plank on bulwark hull construction with 19 bulkheads makes it easy for even casual modelers to achieve the original hull lines with great accuracy.

At this time, I only have permission to show a few of instruction book draft 3D renders of HMS Speedy. Note how the model achieves the novel look and feel of the Speedy-Class Brig!

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