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Find MarisStella Model Ship Kits products in Canada

06.11.2021. | News

Find MarisStella Model Ship Kits products in Canada

Canadian market MarisStella Model Ship Kits

Contact information of the Canadian distributors of MarisStella Model Ship Kits products

The Art of Age of Sail
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The Art of Age of Sail

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German market MarisStella Model Ship Kits

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EU market MarisStella Model Ship Kits
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A note from MarisStella Shop

Dear Modeler:

Please feel free to contact us for any question you may have concerning our products. We are here for you. As our client you can contact us for any assistance needed to build one of our models.

Our ordering system is open 24 hours a day. To submit an order, simply send an email using one of the addresses above, or send a text message on Viber or WhatsApp.

Let us know of any articles, images or drawings you might wish to purchase, and we will send you further instructions to complete your order. Of course, you can also give us a phone call. We aim to make your experience with us a most pleasurable one.

To save an item from our website to your email, simply use the copy and paste option.

Please note, with many different time zones across the word, and many methods of communication, you may not get a response immediately. When you contact us, we typically reply within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us, please do not give up. Try a different method of contacting us.

Logo _ Model Ship Kits MarisStella

MarisStella Model Ship Kits

The main feature of MarisStella assembly kits, now known as MarisStella Model Ship Kits, is we use the best available techniques to build our kits. These include laser cutting, photo-engraving, (photo-etching in America), 3-D printing, PC-stitching and more recently the creation of 3-D computer models before the start of any new project. Our related documents are carefully written and reviewed by actual builders before the kit is built. Only after we have utilized these techniques to build the best possible model, do we release it to the world.

Models made from MarisStella assembly kits are faithful reconstructions of real vessels reduced to the exact scale and when made in the right way, they are museum quality and are a real treat for the most sophisticated collector. The main feature of these models is that they look completely handmade and are unique unto themselves. With our techniques laser sharp edges are almost invisible. This feature and our advanced techniques greatly raises their value. If you are a modeler who appreciates the credibility, uniqueness, precision of the exact scale and very high-quality work, these are the models for you.

The MarisStella Model Ship Kits

Our Fleet

MarisStella Model Ship Kits was founded in 2008 with the MarisStella range of ship models. Models from this range are widely known and available all over the world. The MariStella ship kits are; Trajta, Gajeta, Falkuša, Pasara, Brazzera, Trabaccolo, Pelig, and Štilac.

In the Dubrovnik fleet we have; Cog, Galleon, Carrack, Galey, Bark Stefano, Liburnian Monoreme, Novilara-Picenian and Liburnian ship.

We begin our foreign navies fleet with the historic English brig that has been faithfully reconstructed from the actual ship’s wreck on Lake Ontario; HMS Ontario.

A special place in this range is occupied by a model that differs from all these realistic models made in exact scale, and is truly a real artistic pearl. This is Saint Jerome.

Entry Level Kits

Children often want to build a ship or boat model, but lack the skill to make a high quality vessel. To cater for these young people, MariStella, in conjunction with Mladen Mitic, has developed the I Start Early program for children and complete beginners. This program was originally founded by Mr. Mladen Mitic, a great ship modeler, winner of countless plaques, medals and trophies at countless national and international competitions, the initiator and leader of the School of Ship Modeling ZTKDU in Dubrovnik.

At the moment, this program includes two models: Tug and Batel. Tug should be built first to give absolute beginners some experience and later Batel. Batel more closely follows the classic MarisStella Model Ship Kits style for experienced modelers.

Beginner Kits

To make it easy to graduate to the expert level of ship model building, MarisStella has compiled a complete course of ship models. The Beginner set, Level 1 consists of three models: Trupa, Optimist and Batelina. These models can be built with entry-level skills and, if the instructions are followed carefully, high-quality models will result.

As a more advanced course, MarisStella has prepared the Beginner set, level 3 ; this model is the carrack Santa Maria, in which Columbus set out to find the West Indies. The instruction book for Santa Maria runs to 450 A4 pages and include three-dimensional illustrations with detailed text.

Historically Important Models; The OldSeller brand

OldSeller is another MarisStella Model Ship Kits brand. For now, it consists of three models: Nava of Ragusa (Dubrovnik), Small Galley of Ragusa (Dubrovnik), and Brazzera. The starting point for this brand is a collection of historically important models. These projects are based on very old ship model designs originally built when all the work was done by hand. At MariStella we left them in their original form but upgraded the building method to use laser cut parts as needed. These models are exactly the ones that were seen along the Croatian coast for centuries. These models are easy to make and beautiful.

MarisStella Model Ship Kits, how and what?

MarisStella Ltd was established in 2008 in Split, the regional capital of Dalmatia. It is an association of 7 smaller companies. The Dalmatian coast on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea is rich in maritime history dating back to ancient times. In fact, some say that this was the area where much of the major shipbuilding in the Mediterranean originated. Most of the MariStella kits are developed from vessels that once plied the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

At MarisStella we draw our ideas for new projects from the historical, and at times turbulent, period of the entire Mediterranean Sea by conducting careful and exhaustive research. Many of the beginnings of these research projects date back before the MarisStella association was created.

The MariStella Association and its team of professionals strive to produce a superior high-end quality product and will readily stand behind their work. Originality, credibility and responsibility is what MarisStella was based on, and this will always be its top priority.

The MarisStella association is constantly seeking ways of improving our entire product line to further enhance our client’s journey along this rewarding hobby of model shipbuilding.

Finally, MarisStella would like to thank the many clients from all corners of the world who buy our kits and follow the MarisStella product line. MarisStella truly hopes that these many modellers and craftsmen are taking great pleasure in building MarisStella kits.

As a final note, some of the prototype models used for the MariStella kits have won prizes and medals in national and international competition. But for us, it is seeing the models built by our clients that is our greatest joy.

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