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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
PELIG 87,9cm 1:32
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PELIG 87,9cm 1:32

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Pelig is a coastal cargo sailing ship with two masts, whose hull is similar to the trabaccalo, with round sides and round bottom with keel.
She is long from 11 up to 27, up to 6 meters large and up 2,5 meters high. Her capacity is from 20 up to 100 tons.
In a later stage of development she has a tapered bow and a narrower stern as in the lugger.
She differs from the trabaccalo, as all sailers distinguish themselves, for the sails. Specifically, on the mast of the stern is developped a gaff sail with a gaff topsail, not a boomed standing lugsail as in the trabaccalo.
In the final stage of development, on some pelig, on the top of masts is developped one crossed sail.

The keel and the posts are made of solid walnut wood, like all the elements of the deck and sides. The sails are embroidered on the cloth.The structural elements are laser cut.

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