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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
ŠTILAC 61cm 1:32
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ŠTILAC 61cm 1:32

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Stilac is a ship of recent times, namely of the 19th century, is welcomed by a large number of boat builders.
She is built along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea to transport a wide variety of products linking the islands to the mainland.
To explain and present this simple design, between the coastal people there is “a deep rooted” expression for the construction of the ship - well done. The stern and sails were taken from Bracera, the bow by the logger.
This ship can be from 12 to 20 meters long.
Stilac still sails today, obviously with an engine and without sails and is used for the transport of passengers and for the extraction and transport of marine sands.

The keel and the posts are made of solid walnut wood, like all the elements of the deck and sides. The sails are embroidered on the cloth. The structural elements are laser cut.

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