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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
FALKUSA 70,4cm, 27.72'', 1:20
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FALKUSA 70,4cm, 27.72'', 1:20

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Cargo and fishing boats of the island of Vis.
Gajeta falkuša is designed according to the needs of fishermen from Komiža who sailed for centuries to 42 miles away from Palagruža, an area rich in fish and where they ruled. Loaded with salt for the salting of fish, fishing gear and other objects, they sailed by day using the mistral, the north-west wind and returned in the evening and night, sailing with the south wind.
This method of navigation that required two types of vessels, cargo and fishing, and just did falkuša.
As they sailed toward the destination or returning from there, gajeta falkuša had set Folke (opposite) and developed with the mast and sails spirit.
At destination they left the folk, mast, boomand and sails on the beach not to be disturbed while handling nets and fishing accessories.
During the return they salted the fish wasting no time.
Gajeta falkuša is made so that the five crew member can easily extract the shoreline coast in places where there are no safe harbors.

Features of this MarisStella Model Ship Kit:

This is a model in which the keel, post and all the elements on the sides and deck are made of solid walnut wood. The sails are embroidered on the cloth. Structural elements are laser cut.

The Upgraded project contains
-new designs; 2 sheets measuring 900x1000mm each, 35.43''x39.37''
-thick A4 color instruction booklet, 98 pages
-3 types of rigging threads with all rigging materials
-pre-sewn sails
-more high quality wood materials
-laser-cut wooden sheets, 6 sheets

All required materials for constructing this model are included in the kit.

The instructions are written in English, Italian and Croatian.

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