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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
Beginner set: Level 1
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Beginner set: Level 1

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The MarisStella program for beginners...
This set is composed exclusively for the persons who want to become ship modellers and enter to this wonderful world of modelling. It is designed exclusively for the future modellers who have absolutely no experience. Building these models, the future modeller will acquire all the necessary knowledge and experience for future, more serious work. This program for beginners will train you to work on frames-bulkheads from the very beginning.

The Beginner set: Level 1 includes three models which are in sequential order according to their complexity of building and the degree of skill required, the models are arranged as follows:
‘Trupa’ - the ‘Boat from the river Neretva' 50cm 19.67'' 1:8
'Monotype Optimist' 39cm 15.35'' 1:6
'Batelina' the Croatian coastal region boat 34cm 13.39'' 1:10

Features of this MarisStella Model Ship Kit:

The Upgraded project contains
-new designs; for Trupa, Monotype Optimist and Batelina, all together 4 sheets on 1.9 square meters
-thick A4 color instruction booklet, 149 pages
-Monotype Optimist sail fabric
-high quality wood materials
-laser-cut wooden sheets, 8 sheets

All required materials for constructing these models are included in the kit.

The instructions are written in English, Italian and Croatian.

See more about the project and technical solutions in the news section: Beginner set: Level 1 By MarisStella Model Ship Kits

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