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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
HMS Ontario 81cm, 31.89'', 1:48
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HMS Ontario 81cm, 31.89'', 1:48

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A relatively small deep water draught and heavily armed snow, built like her much bigger seagoing cousins. Stern and quarters unusually handsome and elegant, decorations kept to a minimum as per colonial fashion of the day. She represents the vessel as she was originally drawn up by the British Admiralty, built at Carleton Island in 1779 and as she rests, unusually well-preserved, at the bottom of Lake Ontario.
She has been pieced together from the original Admiralty drawings and information from the actual wreck. Artfully reconstructed by The Art of Age of Sail .

This is a wooden model ...

Photo etched sheets :
...89,7mm x 282,6mm brass ;
...89,7mm x 140,7mm brass .
17 laser-cut sheets :
...7 large sheets ; 7 medium-sized sheets ; 3 small sheets .
Instruction booklet : new technique of instruction making :
...87 sheets of clear short text ;
... ...24 A4 gray-scale cad illustrations ;
... ... ...118 A4 color cad illustrations .
Designs; 4 sheets measuring 900x1000mm each, 35.43''x39.37''
Wood, fittings and rope are the first class quality .

Even though this model kit is fully complete and ready to be built out of the box, several parts to make construction easier are available for purchase in addition to the kit .
Addition , if desired, novelty in the Model Ship Kits' world :
...Set of HMS Ontario pre-sewn sails by MarisStella ;
...Ontario 3D printed mold for Stern and (Quarter-Galleries) Badges ;
...Ontario 3D printed Bow decoration .

About the reconstruction
The reconstruction is made so every modeller can make some changes according to its own conclusions. Here are couple of words about the possible modifications.

On the original shipwreck:

- Hawse Holes – are not visible on the original shipwreck. They could be lowered between the Cheeks so that they enter directly on to the Gun Deck … or they could be completely removed. If they are completely removed, the anchor cable would lie over the topgallant rail, through the Fairlead for anchor hawser in front of the bitt by the Cathead, and go to the Windlass, to be stowed through the gratings on the Gun Deck.

In this case the following elements would be removed from the project:

Capstan, Riding Bitts and Bowsprit Bitts. When the Bowsprit Bitts are removed from the project, the heel of the Bowsprit should be extended so its Tennon would be located between the Foremast Rail Bitts on the Gun Deck. The Bowsprit Tennon bed would be created between the Foremast Rail Bitts and then the Foremast Rail Bitts would become the Bowsprit Bitts.

- The Belaying Pins could be completely removed from the Main Mast Rail and from the Fore Mast Rail.

The model adjusted like this suits the original finding of the actual shipwreck.

The other reconstruction includes the Anchor Cables served on the Gun Deck. The logical sequence is the presence of the Riding Bitts and Capstan. The only matter that should not be correct is the position of the Hawse Holes. It would be more practical to place them lower, between the Cheeks, i.e. lower than they are placed here in this drawing...

Finally, the Hawse Holes are drawn in the original drawing of this ship, in the same position like here in the project... They could have led the Anchor Cable onto the upper Deck.

See more about the project and technical solutions in the news section: HMS Ontario 1/48 scale 31.89`` 81cm Model Ship Kits MarisStella

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