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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
HMS Ontario 81cm 1:48
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HMS Ontario 81cm 1:48

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A relatively small deep water draught and heavily armed snow, built like her much bigger seagoing cousins. Stern and quarters unusually handsome and elegant, decorations kept to a minimum as per colonial fashion of the day. She represents the vessel as she was originally drawn up by the British Admiralty, built at Carleton Island in 1779 and as she rests, unusually well-preserved, at the bottom of Lake Ontario.
She has been pieced together from the original Admiralty drawings and information from the actual wreck. Artfully reconstructed by The Art of Age of Sail .

This is a wooden model...

Novelty in the Model Ship Kits' world :
...SLA 3D printing technology
... ...stereolitography
... ... ...photo-polymer resin (liquid)
... ... ... ...28 3D printed parts enclosed in the kit.
Photo etched sheet :
...89,7mm x 282,6mm brass.
15 laser-cut sheets :
...7 large sheets ; 5 medium-sized sheets ; 3 small sheets.
Instruction booklet : new technique of instruction making :
...6 sheets of clear short text ;
... ...20 A4 gray-scale cad illustrations ;
... ... ...98 A4 color cad illustrations.
Wood, fittings and rope are the first class quality.

Addition , if desired :
...Set of HMS Ontario sails by MarisStella.

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