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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
GAJETA 48,0cm 1:14
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GAJETA 48,0cm 1:14

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Gajeta is a wooden boat which was previously used for fishing, nowadays is almost used to transport cargo.
On the croatian coast is widely used in the areas of Zadar, Sibenik and Split and navigates all along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, from Kotor to Venice.
Her lenght is up to 12 meters and the width up to 4 meters.
Already in the XVI century looms her distinctive shape, while the name of Gajeta appears only in the XVII century.
Distinguishing characteristics of the boats date from the ancient times of the pirate' s ships of Neretva and Omiš, from the times of Croatian sagenas, from the ships of King Tomislav, which probably had similar shapes, with rounded bow and stern.
This is a small and fast boat, with great maneuvering abilities.
The gajeta' s means of propulsion are mainly the oars, but not rarely the gajetas have also a mast, on which outstretched a lateen sail. Very rare were gajetas, especially those of new construction, equipped with an additional staysail or gaff sail.
Gaetas sail still nowadays, equipped with a motor.

This is a model in which all the elements on the sides and deck are made of solid walnut wood. The sails are embroidered on the cloth. The structural elements are laser cut.

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