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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
NERETVANSKA TRUPA (boat from the river Neretva) 50cm, 19.69'', 1:8
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NERETVANSKA TRUPA (boat from the river Neretva) 50cm, 19.69'', 1:8

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MarisStella package for beginners ... From your first encounter with ship modeling, complete kit; first, second and third steps ...

This assembly kit is designed exclusively for people who want to become model ship builders and learn about this wonderful world of model making. It is designed for new modelers who have absolutely no experience.

By making these models, the future model maker will acquire the necessary knowledge and experience for future, more complex and demanding work. This program will train you to work with frames and bulkheads. With these kits you will build your first hull, make your first rudder, sail and oar.

Beginner set: Level 1 includes three models that are arranged according to the difficulty of construction, that is, according to the level of expertise you need to acquire to make them.

The models are arranged in the following order:

Neretvanska Trupa (boat from the river Neretva) 50cm, 19.69'', 1:8
Optimist Dinghy 39cm, 15.35'', 1:6
Batelina – a boat of the Croatian coast 34cm, 13.39'', 1:10

As a continuation of this beginner's course, we recommend models from the OldSeller program in this order:
Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller
Small Galley of Ragusa 17th c. 57cm 1:95 Old Seller
Nava of Ragusa 16th c. 63,1cm 1:63 Old Seller
Do not forget the kit SANTA MARIA 65cm, 25.59'', 1:60, Beginner Set: Level 3 .

This is a premium package of ship models with illustrated instructions written in the form of a course, and once you master it, no intermediate level ship model should be a problem for you.

"I Start Early" first contact program

However, if you are still not sure of your ability to assemble the structural parts, or if you have not yet used laser-cut and pre-cut parts and want to see how they go together, or if you are want a gradual approach to model ship building, this is part for you...

First contact with laser cut parts

This part will show you the secrets of assembling models using laser cut parts. The accuracy of construction is guaranteed by using precisely cut elements that only need to be glued together. Once glued, the edges should be sanded. In the US many retired people are taking up building model kits, for example. ''I Start Early'' name is fully correct.

At the moment, this line contains two models: TUG 01 ISE 27,5cm I Start Early , intended for the youngest modelers ... and BATEL 02 ISE 33,4cm 1:12 I Start Early , reserved for some older.

Join, enjoy...

Neretvanska Trupa (boat from the river Neretva) 50cm, 19.69'', 1:8

An ideal beginning for everyone who wants to become a serious model ship constructor. On this model you will master the construction of frames and placement of a single part sheating.
Structural elements are laser cut.

The Upgraded project contains
-new design; 420x594mm, 16.54''x23.39
-A4 color instruction booklet, 48 pages
-high quality wood strips
-laser-cut wooden sheets, 3 sheets

All required materials for constructing this model are included in the kit.

The instructions are written in English, Italian and Croatian.

See more about the project and technical solutions in the news section: Beginner set: Level 1 By MarisStella Model Ship Kits

Trupa, boat from the river Neretva 1/10 Model Ship Kits MarisStella Trupa, boat from the river Neretva 1/10 Model Ship Kits MarisStella

Trupa, boat from the river Neretva 1/10 Model Ship Kits MarisStella Trupa, boat from the river Neretva 1/10 Model Ship Kits MarisStella

Marisstella product lines, programs and courses

At the moment, MarisStella has three production lines to offer to the model ship builder. These are: MarisStella Model Ship Kits , OldSeller and I Start Early Is a production line that you can find out more about right here.

While the entire offer is divided into seven programs, each of which includes a special group of ship and boat models, we also launched a beginner’s course 1 divided into levels to allow a beginner to practice and build their skills. The beginner's course is divided into three levels: level 1 , level 2 and level 3 .

Seven MarisStella programs You can find at the following links: Dalmatian boats Masters of the Adriatic Fleet of the Republic of Dubrovnik Saint Jeronim; a special project with an artistic touch Illyrians; masters of the Eastern Adriatic Step above Advanced works

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