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MARIS STELLA Ship Model Kits
Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller
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Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller

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This kit is part of the MarisStella School of Ship Modeling. Master this skill and make a model from this photo and many others. Mastered skill is priceless! ...

Bracera is a Croatian sailing cargo ship, whose hull is between 15 and 17 meters long, which appears already in the sixteenth century as a logical result of the evolution of the ship round, navis rotunda, an old cargo ship.
This is an easy-to-make model and is suitable for beginner work or for relaxation. The basic elements are laser-cut.
The instruction is written in English and Croatian only. This is exceptional for this model. Other models have instructions written in English, Italian and Croatian.

The project contains
-reconstruction of designs from the archive; 2 sheets measuring 682x728mm each, 27.84''x29.71''
-thick A4 instruction booklet, 125 pages
-4 types of light and dark rigging threads with all rigging materials: 62 meters of rigging threads, 68 deadeyes and rigging blocks, and all other metal and wooden elements for rigging
-fabric for sails with detailed illustrated instructions for making sails that explains literally every step
-more high quality wood materials
-laser-cut wooden sheets, 1 sheet

All required materials for constructing this model are included in the kit.

Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella

Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella

Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller Model Ship Kits MarisStella

On the MarisStella beginner’s package and for advanced beginners in general;

Dear beginners,
at MarisStella, we have prepared an entire multi-course program that will help you build museum-quality ship models. Our courses build on each other and will very quickly show you how to go from complete beginner to an intermediate level ship modeler.

All you need to do is follow the instructions. We have arranged them in a series to help you progress from one level to the next.

To start with, we have set up a complete beginner's course, level 1. More about the first level can be found here:
Beginner set: Level 1

Beginner set: Level 1 contains three separate steps:
Neretvanska Trupa (boat from the river Neretva) 50cm, 19.69'', 1:8
Optimist Dinghy 39cm, 15.35'', 1:6
Batelina – a boat of the Croatian coast 34cm, 13.39'', 1:10
... of course, you can try each of these three steps separately.

As a continuation of our course, we have prepared the OldSeller program, which brings you to level 2. The kits are as follows:
Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller
Small Galley of Ragusa 17th c. 57cm 1:95 Old Seller
Nava of Ragusa 16th c. 63,1cm 1:63 Old Seller
In this second part, level 2, you will build some of the real gems of ship modeling from our part of the Adriatic Sea. In addition, these models will bring you to the top level, Level three. SANTA MARIA 65cm, 25.59'', 1:60, Beginner Set: Level 3 .

These three levels make up a superbly prepared series of models written in the form of courses, all with illustrated instructions. When you have mastered this package, you should be able to build any intermediate level ship model from almost any manufacturer.

In spite of their beginner and intermediate levels, each of these ship models is a very advanced work. We must emphasize that you should not underestimate the work involved, even an expert modeler would find these kits test their skill level. When finished, these models are very beautiful and make terrific gifts or for your home.

Related projects

Masters of the Adriatic

Masters of the Adriatic are entirely MarisStella projects. From the very beginning they were intended to present the most famous Adriatic traditional single- and two-masted small sailboats to a new generation of modelers. Every vessel is made to a scale of 1:32 created especially for modeling these craft.

Models made from these kits have won many medals at modelling competitions and are made by new modellers time and again.

The ship models are:
Trabaccolo 80,9cm, 31.85'', 1:32
Pelig 87,9cm, 34.61'', 1:32
Brazzera 72cm, 28.35'', 1:32
and Stilac 61cm, 24.02'', 1:32 .
The Stilac model is an ideal step from an advanced beginner to a mid-level modeller. It is simple to make and is an exact copy of the original vessel, as are the majority of MarisStella kits. The one exception in the entire MarisStella program is our model of the famous Hvar galley. There is a certain amount of artistic flair allowed in this model created decades earlier in the hands of the old famous master Mr. Verle, the grat ship modeler. Saint Jerome 16th c. 68CM, 26.77'', 1:75 which is definitely a priceless pearl.

From the program for beginners, course 2, one simple and beautiful ship model can be included among these models. It belongs to the Old Seller program and is; Brazzera 54,8cm 1:41 Old Seller . Included in the comprehensive course for beginners, level 2, this model connects new modelers with the famous masters of the Adriatic...

Marisstella product lines, programs and courses

At the moment, MarisStella has three production lines to offer to the model ship builder. These are: MarisStella Model Ship Kits , OldSeller and I Start Early Is a production line that you can find out more about right here.

While the entire offer is divided into seven programs, each of which includes a special group of ship and boat models, we also launched a beginner’s course 1 divided into levels to allow a beginner to practice and build their skills. The beginner's course is divided into three levels: level 1 , level 2 and level 3 .

Seven MarisStella programs You can find at the following links: Dalmatian boats Masters of the Adriatic Fleet of the Republic of Dubrovnik Saint Jeronim; a special project with an artistic touch Illyrians; masters of the Eastern Adriatic Step above Advanced works

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